Swimming with the Fishes

What is a Fish Anyway??

Fish are animals that live in the water, are cold-blooded, have internal gills and external scales, and have a backbone. They do not have limbs. Fish come in all colors and sizes, live in fresh water and salt water, and enjoy many different temperatures. Sadly, like other animals, many types of fish are endangered and must be protected in order to survive

Find that Fish:
Who Am I??

  • I am silver in color and often have yellow tips on the ends of my fins.
  • I can be found in the Atlantic Ocean from New York to the Gulf of Mexico
  • I like coastal areas with their seagrass beds and sandy bottoms, but sometimes I'll move to freshwater areas as well.
  • I eat crustaceans, worms, and smaller fish.
  • I am a small fish--I rarely grow to more than 9 inches in length!
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Pinapple Swordfish


There are over 27,000 different species of fish! They are the world's most diverse group of vertebrates (animals with a backbone). Some types of fish are common all over the world, but others are found only in certain waters or parts of the world.

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