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Silver Perch

The Silver Perch (classified by scientists as Bidyanus bidyanus) is also known as the Murray Perch, Grunter, or Black Bream. It is mostly silver in color with yellow fin-tips. They are small in size: usually less than 9 inches in length and have an average weight of about 4 lbs.

Silver Perch tend to swim in groups called schools when they are close to the water surface. However, they mostly prefer warm, sandy, fast-moving freshwaters or marshes with debris for cover. They eat shrimp, smaller fish, insects, algae, and earthworms.

This type of fish is very much endangered. There are high fines not only for catching it but also for disturbing its habitat. Other factors are also responsible for threatening the Silver Perch: changes in water flow patterns due to industrialization and damming mean that they cannot migrate as they would naturally do. Overpopulation of some of the Silver Perch's competitor fish force Silver Perches to work harder for food and make them more vulnerable to predators.

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