The Spikedace is a member of the minnow family. It is a long, slender fish about 3 inches in length. It has an olive-brown back, silvery sides, and black speck all over its body. When breeding, males turn a bright golden color. Spikedace have short snouts and wide mouths with eyes that seem quite large for their tiny bodies.

Spikedace feed primarily on aquatic insects, as well as land insects that get caught in the water current. They are found in the Gulf of Mexico and the waters off the Arizona and New Mexico. This fish stays in shallow waters less than 3 feet deep, swimming over gravel and sandy bottoms. However, spikedace are in great danger due to drought, competition from other fish such as the Red Shiner, human destruction of their habitat, polluted waters, and animal such as cattle who graze on these fish by the water.

Although they are officially classified as a 'threatened' species, spikedace are disappearing fast enough for a listing as an 'endangered' fish.

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