Oak Toad

The Oak Toad (classified by scientists as Bufo quercicus), is a very small gray-brown animal with a white or yellowish stripe on its back. Sometimes it will have black splotches on its back as well. The Oak Toad has a short head and pointed nose. It is usually only about 1 inch long, making it the smallest known toad in North America.

The Oak Toad lives in warm wooded areas of the southeastern USA where there is plenty of loose soil. This toad is usually found in the underbrush or under logs and fallen branches during the day, looking for the many kinds of insects that it eats. The Oak Toad is rarely seen at night, but it will sometimes join a group of other Oaks in a type of 'chorus' during which the animals give off a single high-pitched whistle over and over.

This type of toad mates and produces young in the warm spring and summer months, from about late-April to mid-August. Most of the eggs are laid after warm summer rains in marshy pools of water. A female can lay up to 700 eggs at a single time!

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