Amphibian Wonders

Have You Seen An Amphibian Lately??

Amphibians live part of their lives in the water, breathing through gills. But they spend other parts of life on land and use lungs to breathe. Amphibians are cold-blooded, which means their body temperature depends on the temperature around them. The skin is usually smooth without scales or feathers. They are vertebrates, and do not have claws. Some lay eggs in the water, some lay on land.

Amphibians Around Us:
Who Am I??

  • I am bright green with a yellow stripe along my legs. I'm about 2 or 3 inches long.
  • My toes are one of my most unique features: they have big pads along the bottom to help me grip trees.
  • I make a sound like a bark of a dog as I move from the trees to the water
  • I like watery areas--marshy fields are the best! You'll find me all over the Southern USA.
  • I am active in the day and at night, looking forcrickets, earthworms, flies, and moths to eat.
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Fowler's Toad


Most frogs have teeth! They don't look like the teeth of a mammal, but frogs have a ridge of small cone teeth around the upper part of the mouth. They don't have any on the lower jaw. Even so, frogs usually swallow their food whole. They just use the 'teeth' to hold their prey in place until they can swallow it.

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