Scarlet and Green Leafhopper

The Scarlet and Green Leafhopper is very colorful, with a bright green or blue base and reddish-orange bands all over its body. The head is narrow and pointed and its front wings are red with blue tips. The leafhopper is only about 20 milimeters in length.

This leafhopper lives in meadows and fields in eastern North America. It stays near the grass, sucking the juices out of plants for food. When it bites the plant, this insect releases a chemical that makes the leaf wilt and die.

A female leafhopper lays her eggs into soft plants during the early spring. The eggs will hatch as nymphs. These nymphs go through partial metamorphasis, meaning they are already immature adults instead of starting life as caterpillars. Nymphs shed their skin and outer skeleton 5 times, growing larger each time, until they are mature adults.

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