Goldenrod Spider

The Goldenrod Spider is a member of the crab spider family. It is about 1/2 an inch long. Female goldenrods are yellowish white with red streaks on either side of their short abdomen and a reddish-brown spot between the eyes. Males are dark brown with white spots between their eyes. The abdomen of the male is white with 2 red stripes across it. Like other spiders, they have 8 legs and their bodies are divided into 2 parts.

Goldenrod spiders are commonly seen throughout North America in meadows, fields, or gardens sitting on yellow flowers. Here, their yellow color is camouflage among the flowers. Instead of spinning a web, goldenrods wait until an insect lands on the flower and then inject a poisonous venom into their prey. The spider can then suck out the insides of the insect as food.

Female goldenrods lay eggs inside a silken sac. But the adult will usually die before her eggs are hatched; the young spiders must take care of themselves.

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