A World of Birds

Why is a Bird...Called a Bird??

Birds are the only animals with feathers, although other animals may have wings. Most can fly for at least short distances. They are warm-blooded and lay eggs. Birds have a backbone--they're called vertebrates. Almost all birds have a tail and all will have 2 legs. Other than that, the diversity is almost endless!

Featured Feathers:
Who Am I??

  • I have a long, thick yellow bill and am blue-gray in color.
  • I live in both saltwater and freshwater areas--I'm a wading bird.
  • I eat fish, frogs, snakes, and insects.
  • I am often seen in the Chesapeake Bay in the USA.
  • I am about 4 feet tall and my wingspan in almost 6 feet!
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Chorister Robin


The fastest flying bird known is the Peregrine Falcon, which can dive from the sky at speeds over 200 miles per hour!

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