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The Barking Tree Frog

The Barking Tree Frog (classified by scientists as Hyla gratiosa) are usually a leafy green color with brown or black splotches along the body. Often the legs have yellow streaks on them They have a short head and a very marked eardrum-- one of the easiest ways to identify this type of frog. Barking tree frogs can grow to be up to 2 1/2 inches long.

Barking tree frogs like a moderate climate between 70 and 80 degrees F. This type of tree frog eats mainly crickets, small worms and other insects, flies, and moths. As suggested by the name, Barking tree frogs spend most of their time in trees. The sticky pads at the bottom of their feet help them grip the tree better. The 'bark' is the call of the male during the rain, but can also be heard as the frog climbs down to the ground.

Like other amphibians, tree frogs mate and lay eggs. The female Barking tree frog lays eggs either in the water or underneath damp leaves to keep them moist--as many as 1200 eggs at a time! The Barking Tree frog can live up to 7 years, but they do not care for their young as mammals do.

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