Meeting Some Mammals

Just Who Is A Mammal?

Mammals are everywhere! There are mammals in the water, on land, in the air, and even mammals who live underground. All mammals are warm-blooded and have some type of hair or fur. Most will give birth to live young instead of laying eggs. Female mammals produce milk to feed their young. Mammals also have a backbone (they are vertebrates, cooling glands on the skin, and complex internal organs.

Mystery Mammal:
Who Am I??

  • I live in warm sub-tropical waters in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • You'll be able to tell me apart from others by my long dark stripe that runs from the eye all the way down my back. My underside is whiteish or pinkish in color, but I've got a dark patch on my side.
  • I am about 7 feet long and weigh about 300 lbs!
  • I eat all kinds of fish and squid, but lantenfish is a special favorite
  • I like to stay in large groups with others of my kind. We're very active in the water--jumping, spinning, diving, and making vocal noises.
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Squirrel Monkey


A platypus lays eggs to hatch its young--like reptiles. But it is a mammal! After the eggs hatch, the warm-blooded female will produce milk for them just like a mammal. That's not the only interesting thing about this creature. It must close its eyes and ears underwater, so it finds its way around with its large bill. This bill is made of cartilege, just like a human nose. The playpus tail is a food storage unit, holding extra fat in reserve for when food is hard to find.

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